First Alert

Careful use of humidifier during mechanical ventilation or CPAP .

Second Alert

ET position have to be checked whenever there is drop in oxygen saturation.

Third Alert

Notification errors between obstetric and resuscitation team are among commonest reported errors during the last six months.

Fourth Alert

Debriefing of neonatal resuscitation has to be done to improve neonatal outcome ,use score sheet for the auditing process for coherent valid audit is advised.

Fifth Alert

Observing pressure /volume loop can decrease the occurrence of pneumothorax

Six Alert

During pulmonary graphics monitoring : jagging of the waves or loops might indicate need for suction

Seventh Alert

HD accounts for 20 to 25 % of the cases of neonatal bowel obstruction .Plain radiographs of the abdomen do not allow differentiation of small bowel obstruction from large bowel obstruction. To avoid delayed diagnosis of the case ,a plain X-ray of the abdomen should be done before any attempt at rectal examination, which can be followed by an explosive release of stool and gas.Rectal examination can alter the classic appearance of a ‘cone’ on barium enema and it should be delayed for a day if a rectal examination has been done.Folys catheter showed also be adjusted .

Eight Alert 

The temperature of the humidifier used  for any CPAP  or MV have to recorded in the observation sheet at least every 2 hours .

Nine Alert

baby foods and formulas tested positive for arsenic, lead and BPA in new study

Tenth Alert

Always perform abdominal x ray  to detect such serious issues

The eleventh alert 

We have realized that  it is not only insertion of umbilical catheter need special training and skills , but also removal of the catheter is very important and a process is needed to make sure that staff has remove the intact catheter  .

Incidents showed incomplete removal and part of catheter remains in the right atrium

The twelve Alert

  • You must make sure that umbilical catheter  was totally removed

  • Inspect before through out

  • Procedures for removal as well as insertion are urgently needed