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New Patient safety training workshop 29 September workshop

You are invited to attend the patient safety workshop organized by the SENSTN next Wednesday 29-30  September 2021

It is out 18 patient safety with SENSTN and 52 safety workshop since we started our first workshop during 2014

Who attend :

  1. All staff who care for patient safety and changing patient safety culture
  2. Postgraduate pediatrics students
  3. Medical students  of the 2 year (integrated program ) and 5 year
  4. House officers
  5. Nurses
  6. Other related health care workers

Please contact Mrs Azza Hasan and Rasmia Fakry at pediatrics deparment ,Mr Fakry at NICU

e mail me directly [email protected]

The program will be mailed to those who are interested to attend

The final date for registration will be 27-9-2021

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Be with us 15/2/2021

ICU-Knowledge Triangle, Innovation:
Reinforcing of Education- Research E-Health & Medical Links
DIGIHEALTH: Innovative Digital skills & teaching methods 4 effective
health education in Lebanon & Syria
Research, Education & Implementation at the eHealth Institute, Linnaeus University (grant holder)
(Synergy) Erasmus+ project web-Training day; Monday 15 February 2021, 10 – 16 at Linnaeus University

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