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E health certificate

شهادة revised الصحة الالكترونية brochure 2 12-8-2022 corrected hours

Project Knowledge Triangle, Innovation: Reinforcing of Education, Research:  E Health and Medical Links.”       

Project N. 609506-EPP-1-2019-1-SE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP /announce the new certificate  that will be run by AL-Azhar University . 

شهادة  الصحة الالكترونية

 E- health Certificate 

European Diploma Supplement (EDS) 

Study start from August 20 till January 2023 






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The third SENSTN and six patient safety conference

The conference will be held on 30 October 2021 

Venue: Princess Fatma Academy-Nasr City- Cairo

Conference Themes:

  1. Clinical cases related to patient safety

  2. Importance of patient safety for early diagnosis and accurate treatment

  3. Importance of patient safety for NICU health care providers training

  4. Role of leadership in establishing a culture of patient safety

  5. Role of scientific research in continuous improvement of patient safety

    For Registration(Free) :contact

                Mrs. Azza   Hasan        +20 1013991440

                Mrs. Rasmia  Fekrey   +20 1125810991

                Mr.   Kamel Labeb      +20 1010336003

  6. Final agenda



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New Patient safety training workshop 29 September workshop

You are invited to attend the patient safety workshop organized by the SENSTN next Wednesday 29-30  September 2021

It is out 18 patient safety with SENSTN and 52 safety workshop since we started our first workshop during 2014

Who attend :

  1. All staff who care for patient safety and changing patient safety culture
  2. Postgraduate pediatrics students
  3. Medical students  of the 2 year (integrated program ) and 5 year
  4. House officers
  5. Nurses
  6. Other related health care workers

Please contact Mrs Azza Hasan and Rasmia Fakry at pediatrics deparment ,Mr Fakry at NICU

e mail me directly [email protected]

The program will be mailed to those who are interested to attend

The final date for registration will be 27-9-2021

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