Awareness session in Faculty of Medicine for girls by ICU project was conducted December 2020

During the workshop conducted by the FMG for scientific research ,awareness workshop by the e -health and the ICU project

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    آلاء عادل طه عبد الواحد عبد العال الشمخ

    1-Advers event: an incident which results in
    harm to a patient, an event that results in unintended harm to the patient.
    This includes: never events/sentinel event ,hospital-acquired conditions.
    2-Near miss: An error of commission or omission that
    could have harmed the patient,but serious
    harm did not occur and was prevented from
    completion through a planned or unplanned
    recovery. As a result of: Chance, Prevention.
    Harm means: Harmful incident , an incident that
    resulted in harm to a patient.
    _ Harm includes:deliberate injury or damage to someone or something, physical harm
    _ generally refer to: outcomes or results

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