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Invitation 23/April/2019

You are invited to attend SENSTN  second conference  on 23/April /2019

Venue National training institute Cairo

Theme is research for safe neonatal care .

You are welcome to share your experiences and suggestions .

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Octreotide for congenital and acquired chylothorax in newborns:A systematic review

What this paper adds
1 We report the result of a systematic review to assess the ef
cacy and safety of octreotide in the treatment of congenital and
acquired chylothorax in newborns.
2 Octreotide is a relatively effective and safe treatment option in
neonates with chylothorax, especially for the congenital forms.
3 This systematic review suggests that octreotide therapy should
be considered an adjunctive treatment in term and preterm neo-
nates affected by congenital and acquired chylothorax
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