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Invitation 23/April/2019

You are invited to attend SENSTN  second conference  on 23/April /2019

Venue National training institute Cairo

Theme is research for safe neonatal care .

You are welcome to share your experiences and suggestions .

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New workshops

You are invited you to attend the SENSTN project new workshops

Patient safety 30 /10/2018

Research methodology 3-4/11/2018

Leadership 17-18/11/2018

As always our workshops are free of charges

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ENSTN Outputs and Outcomes

Egyptian Neonatal Safety Training Network (ENSTN) Project outputs

  1. Document of patient Safety standards for neonatal intensive care units patients in Arabic and English languages.
  2. Summary of patient Safety standards for NICU patients in English, and Arabic.
  3. Document for necessary knowledge, skills behaviour and attitude for safety practice in neonatal intensive care  units for all health care workers .
  4. Documents of Egyptian Neonatal Safety Training Network (ENSTN) policy
  5. Developed 3 patient safety courses specifications for NICU health care workers one for physician, one for nurse and one for other health care workers.
  • Developed neonatal patient safety course specifications for medical staff / physicians, scientific content, manual of trainers and manual of trainees and power points /presentation for the neonatal patient safety course specifications for medical staff to be used during workshops.
  • Developed patient safety course specifications (Arabic-English) for non-medical staff, manual of trainers and trainee and power point presentations.
  • Developed PtS course specifications for nurses (English and Arabic) scientific content, manual of trainers and manual of trainees and power points /presentation

6-Developed patient safety leadership course ,and manual of trainers and trainees and scientific content power points presentations

7-Developed patient safety research course ,and manual of trainers and trainees and trainees and scientific content power points presentations

8-Documents of manual of incident/ events report

9-Established Patient safety network database for NICU (Electronic form of data entry developed  in Arabic and English language )

10-Safety events alerts , safety indicators and educational forum were developed

11-Developed 15 guidelines and 3 Arabic translated guidelines

12-Developed 5 educational videos for health care workers and parents

13-Production of awareness and educational film for the public to improve patient safety culture.

14-Dissemination tools; presentation in conferences, brochures, leaflets, 6 newsletters and media; TV and newspapers.

15-Document of  parents educational booklet

16-Patient safety team in majority of participating units

17-Agreement with Zagazig medical syndicates, Egyptian association of Neonatology, Egyptian fellowship of neonatology,  Perfect Company as well as health governorate of Mansoura.

18-Project plans and audits reports were developed

19-Sustainability of  Egyptian Neonatal safety training network  project by grant from Research and Technology Academy

20-32 NICU patient safety workshops ,11  NICU patient safety leadership workshops,14  NICU patient safety scientific research workshops,14 NICU incident report  workshops were developed

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The ENSTN annual scientific meeting on 29 August 2017 was very successful beginning to new era of sustainability of the NICU patient safety

The end of one project does not mean it is over ,it is new start for era of sustainability of patient safety in general and in NICU in particular ,this statement  is agreed upon by all the attendees  of the huge agent that take place in Cairo to celebrate the end of Tempus project ENSTN and start of the sustainability project SENSTN .

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Parent Education In Mansoura

Dr Reda Bassiouny, Professor of pediatrics, Mansoura University wrote: Parent Education Session at Mansoura University Children Hospital on

To ensure patient safety during NICU stay and after discharge from the hospital, parent education session were regularly conducted at NICU-MUCH.  Parents were met by expert nurses at the time of their visit to NICU.  The noontime was perfect, before the allowed visit time at 3 o’clock.  They orient family about the unit equipment, facilities staff, and methods of contact and the need of their babies.   Other sessions were conducted after hospital discharge, when the parent brought their babies for follow up in ROP checkup clinic.  The session were supervised by a doctor.  Methods of infection control, nutrition, thermoregulation of babies were highlighted.  They taught parents about post discharge feeding, medication, developmental support growth assessment of the babies and encourage them to continue care with other specialties if needed.

المدرب/ إعتماد عرفه – هدى صابر- إيمان فتحى

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