E health certificate

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Project Knowledge Triangle, Innovation: Reinforcing of Education, Research:  E Health and Medical Links.”       

Project N. 609506-EPP-1-2019-1-SE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP /announce the new certificate  that will be run by AL-Azhar University . 

شهادة  الصحة الالكترونية

 E- health Certificate 

European Diploma Supplement (EDS) 

Study start from August 20 till January 2023 






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  1. 1 – Adverse event:An event that results in unintended harm to the patient by an act of commission or omission rather than by the underlying disease or condition of the patient.

    2-Near Miss:An error of commission or omission that could have harmed the patient, but serious harm did not occur and was prevented from completion through a planned or unplanned recovery. As a result of :*Chance e.g., the patient received a contraindicated drug but did not experience an adverse drug reaction)

    2. Harm means

    a/ Impairment of structure or function of the body
    and/or any deleterious effect arising there from.
    Harm includes disease, injury, suffering, disability and death .

    b/ Harm” generally refers to outcomes or results

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