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    Very important topics as neurocognitive impairement is a common long term sequale of NICU admission that is usually missed at discharge but adversely affect the quality of life of such nneonates

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    mariem abd el samee

    thanks , this is very important for me

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    The guidline marking the risk factor for early and late presentation however it did not address a regimen for follow up of those high risk neonates

    Regular monthly follow up visits for both neurobehavioual and developmental assessment using simple screaming tools will be needed for early detection and early intervention

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    For those who already developed neurological symptoms during early life or during NICU addmision such as seizures, abnormal tone, abnormal movement, focal impairement, abnormal fundus or hearing assessment so early intervention programmes should be initiated as early as possible even before NICU discharge to improve brain plasticity and improve their functional out come

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    Assessment of common comorbidities as vision, hearing, feeding are also important as orthopedic hip problem and need screening for early identification

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    Soheir Ibrahim Mohamed

    This topic is very important as early diagnosis Will lead to early intervention and better outcome

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    eman khaled

    as risk factors for CP are multifactorial and especially with advanced technology in management highly risk baby, early diagnosis is mandatory for better outcome of these baby.

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    Asmaa Abd Wakeel

    Very important topic as early prevention of CNS sequence after NICU admission is essential to decrease the burden not only on family but on the community

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    walaa Mohammed

    Very important topics for me and very interesting to know more details about HINE ,GMs, TIMP, DAYC, AIMs.

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    Karima Bahgat

    Cerebral palsy is the most common physical disability in childhood, Delays in diagnosis can have negative long-term consequences for children and parents.So awareness by using these New guidelines and using these very illustrative algorithms for early cerebral palsy diagnosis and intervention is mandatory for saving the babies brain.

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