How to ensure proper use of humidifier?

How to ensure proper use of humidifier?

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    By measure the temperature of its water

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    By measure temperature of humidifier water

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    Humidified air is very important to prevent lung injury, not humidified air but warm humidified air is best for lung improvement

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    mariem abd el samee

    temprature of humedifier, amount of water into it, connected to electricity,

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    Ensure correct amount of water inside the modifier

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    Avoid too large amount that can produce water vaper inside the connections so interfere with pressure delivery by increase resistance and increase humidity of inspired air with is harmful for neonate lung and for the machine and increase risk for frequent reconnection to remove excess water which interfere the function of continuous positive pressure ventilation and carry risk for contamination and infection VAP

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    Use sterile water and fill the modifier using asepticc technique to avoid contamination , wearing mask and gloves during changing water in the modifier to avoid biotrauma

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    Frequent check water level in modifier if be low than the mark for water so refill it as dry unhumodified air cause epithelial injury and worse the lung condition

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    Proper sitting of temperature according to weather as to be more warm in winter and regular check for actual water temperature

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    Applying infection control measures for regular change water, sterilization and during water filling to avoid ventilator association pneumonia

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    Use proper amount of water , change filters if needed ,regular change water

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    By measuring temperature of water , use sterile water not tap water to prevent infection

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