indicators of care

First indicator

Incident reached 41.8 % of cases

< 1000 g 1.99%
1001-1500 6.2%
1501-200 7.4%
2001-2500 8.4%
2501-4000 16.2%
>4000 1.6%

These data indicate also pattern of admission and reporting

Second Indicator

Errors in resuscitation process/Morbidity Errors related to resuscitation in DR was 59.8 % of reported cases. This type of errors related to resuscitation skills

Third Indicator

Quality of Care related risk factor  was 38.8% of incidents, these errors  reached the patient in NICU and could be prevented.

Fourth Indicators

GIT incident reported was 9.67% ; commission related was 6% and omission errors were  3.67%

Indicator 5

Check list for umbilical vein catheterization may decrease medical errors and adverse events . Consultation of cardio-surgeon definitely help  in managing the complications