Future ENSTN workshops

Future ENSTN workshops

7th  Data entry workshop on 4/April /2017  in Ain Shamas University 

8th Data entry workshop on 5/April /2017  in AL Glaa Teaching Hospital 

22nd NICU Patient safety training workshop for Physicians -ALAzhar University from 8/4/2017 to 10/4/2017 

9th  Data entry workshop on 10,11 April 2017  in Faculty of Medicine Assiut  branch -ALAzhar University

23rd  NICU Patient safety training workshop for Nurses and other health care workers  -ALAzhar University from 15/4/2017 to 16/4/2017 

10th  Data entry workshop on 22/April /2017  in Faculty of Medicine boys branch -ALAzhar University ,Cairo

9th  NICU patient safety  leadership workshop in FMG -AL Azhar University 23/4/ to 24/4/2017 

 9th  NICU patient safety  research workshop in FMG -AL Azhar University 30/4/ , 2/5/2017

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    ENSTN welcome all Neonatologist and students to attend ,please register at Pediatrics department Secretariat .
    NB: No fees for workshops ,but attendance of all days are mandatory

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    I hope more and more activities in the near future

    And thanks full all staff members

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