New recommendations for use of the PPE from the Infectious Diseases Society of America Guidelines on Infection Prevention for Healthcare Personnel Caring for Patients With Suspected or Known Coronavirus Disease 2019

Among these recommendations :

In Conventional Settings
Recommendation 1: The IDSA guideline panel recommends
that HCP caring for patients with suspected or known COVID-
19 use either a surgical mask or N95 (or N99 or powered airpurifying
respirator) respirator as part of appropriate PPE.*
Strong recommendation, moderate certainty of evidence.

In Conventional Settings
Recommendation 5: The IDSA guideline panel recommends
that HCP involved with aerosol-generating procedures on suspected
or known COVID-19 patients use an N95 (or N99 or
powered air-purifying respirator) respirator instead of a surgical
mask as part of appropriate PPE.* Strong recommendation,
very low certainty of evidence. Comment: Despite the very
low-quality and indirect evidence supporting this recommendation,
the IDSA guideline panel placed a high value on avoiding
serious harms to exposed HCP.

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  2. 1_Adverse event:an Incident which results in harm to patient’s, this include never event/sentinel event. Harmful Incident:an Incident that resulted in harm to a patient,this include injury, suffering, disease, disability and death. 2_1. Nonpunitive
    2. Confidential
    3. Independent
    4. Expert analysis
    5. Systems oriented
    6. Responsive

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