Wider objective

• To develop and support the establishment of Egyptian Neonatal Safety Training Network in order to promote safe health care practices in neonatal intensive care units (NICU) and prevent inadvertent harm to patients as result of their care through contribution to learning /training of health care workers as neonatologists, pediatricians, nurses, as well as medical students on patient safety (PtS), dissemination and promotion of culture of patient safety.
• To establish protocols and guidelines to enhance continuity of safe practices in NICU & encourage implementation researches on patient safety.

Specific Objectives

• To establish clearly defined standards of knowledge and skills required for safe practice in NICU according to international patient safety standards by the first 3 months
• To develop course specification for patient safety in NICU that can be included in the training of health professionals by first year
• To foster development of safety culture in NICU that depend on system approach, promote reporting of adverse events, focused on prevention &learning by third year
• To modernize NICU workforce through development of shared education& training with European partners in scope of patient safety by first year and 5.To provide effective leadership &team work training in patient safety during second year
• To encourage patient safety improvement researches
• To communicate with parents & relevant stakeholders regarding patient safety through regular meetings