Parent Education In Mansoura

Dr Reda Bassiouny, Professor of pediatrics, Mansoura University wrote: Parent Education Session at Mansoura University Children Hospital on

To ensure patient safety during NICU stay and after discharge from the hospital, parent education session were regularly conducted at NICU-MUCH.  Parents were met by expert nurses at the time of their visit to NICU.  The noontime was perfect, before the allowed visit time at 3 o’clock.  They orient family about the unit equipment, facilities staff, and methods of contact and the need of their babies.   Other sessions were conducted after hospital discharge, when the parent brought their babies for follow up in ROP checkup clinic.  The session were supervised by a doctor.  Methods of infection control, nutrition, thermoregulation of babies were highlighted.  They taught parents about post discharge feeding, medication, developmental support growth assessment of the babies and encourage them to continue care with other specialties if needed.

المدرب/ إعتماد عرفه – هدى صابر- إيمان فتحى

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