What is the type

What is the type of error 1?

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    Erythema edema and scaling due to Rapid calcium injection

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    Technichal error

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    DD, include medication eg. Dopamine, calcium, mannitol. Kawasaki disease, epidermolysis bellusa

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    mariem abd el samee

    drug extra vasation

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    mariem abd el samee

    sever form of fungal infection improperly diagnosed

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    mariem abd el samee

    arterial occlusion leading to gangreen

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    د اميره

    Technical error due to drug extrvasation

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    Haidy Nasr

    This may be a technical error leads to chemical burn by extravasation of a drug like dopamine or calcium injection

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    Haiat kishk

    Interesting case for multiple differential diagnosis
    Mostly drug extravastion like calcium،dopamine
    May be other diseases like epidermolysis bullosa
    Toxic epidermal necrosis ,vascular disorder,protein c and s deficiency.

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    may due to rapid medication injection as calcium injection or bicarb

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    may be gangrene due to vasculitis or vascular occlusion

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    Scalded skin due to burn

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    Lamiaa rehan

    Scaild skine due to drug intake out side vein mostly, ca infection or dobamin.

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