About Us

  • Egyptian Neonatal Safety Network is a project funded (90%) by Tempus grant; 543823-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-EG-TEMPUS-JPHES and (10%) by participating Universities
  • Grant holder and project coordinator is ALAzhar University.
  • Our ambition and long term outcome is to modernize patient safety cultures in Egyptian NICUs and prevent inadvertent harm to the newborn infants due to medical care. These will be done through training, incident reporting, continuous support to NICU health care workers of beneficiary and non- beneficiary organizations, through discussion web forum, published alerts, developing clinical guidelines and aspiration of health care workers in NICUs to be strong patient safety leaders.
  • Our main partners; EuroNeoStat and Egyptian Neonatal Network, and we started to augment the area of quality and safety of care in the NICU.
  • We guarantee confidential and anonymous data entry and reporting of adverse events.
التعريف بالمشروع باللغة العربية

Meet our Medical Specialists

The sustainability project of Egyptian Neonatal Safety Training Network (SENSTN) is  100% funded by Academy of Science and Technology of Egypt  /JSOR/ جSOR