1-Attend FMG 17 th annual conference (20-21-November 2013) and  present {Introduction to patient safety and Egyptian neonatal safety training network}

2-Attend  6th Annual Conference of Paediatric Department, Damietta Faculty of Medicine, Al Azhar University In Collaboration with Pediatric Scientific Society (PSS) in New DameittaTo be held in “Misr for Tourism Hotel” in Port Said  From 14th to 16th November 2013{ Vigilance late preterm infants } Announcement and dissemination

3-Announcement during presentation the (Updates in Infant and child nutrition) in Egypt 11th annual congress of medical sciences December 2013 Announcement and dissemination

4-Attend 1st Neonatal Conference, Misr Children hospital “Gentle Ventilation of the Neonate” 11th January 2014 .Safaa { Ventilators Induced Lung Injuries} .  Announcement and dissemination

5-Announcement during presentation the 1st Neonatal Conference (Gentle Ventilation of the neonates)  11th January 2014  Ventilators induced lung injury. Announcement and dissemination

6-2nd Conference of Occupational Health And Infection Control Inside Hospitals 22-23 March 2014- Main conference center-Faculty of Medicine Vaccination Among Healthcare Personnel Mariam March 2014 Announcement and dissemination

7-Presentation of ENSTN in first Annual international Paediatrics conference Aswan University Egypt (recent advances in African Paediatrics) 6-8 March 2014.{ Osteopenia of Prematurity } and its relation to safe feeding and care of preterm .

8-The 15th Annual international congress of ALAzhar Pediatrics society 9 Future of child rights, 13 March Cairo  2014. Announcement and dissemination

9- Communication and announcement during Egyptian pediatrics association  special resuscitation workshop  March  2014 Announcement and dissemination

10- Communication and announcement during Namiro3 , Taskforce for infection control, 27-28 May 2014 Announcement and dissemination

11-Attend  and prepare presentation and attend summer congress of  Neonatology unit of Faculty of Medicine Zagazig University  , for dissemination of ENSTN standards in summer congress of Neonatology unit, Faculty of Medicine Zagazig University, Ismailia 19-21 June 2014 Presentation {ENSTN}

12-Attend  and give Lecture  NICU Patient safety by ENSTN in annual neonatal and paediatrics conference ;Ministry of health Dakahlia governorate and paediatrics coference , Egyptian neonatal network with collaboration of Mansoura  and Azhar University .Title update in neonatal and paediatrics care .August 7,2014.Talke title: {standards of Patient Safety in NICU } safaa

13-7th annual conference pediatric department , Faculty of Medicine for Girls , (integrated Pediatrics) ,8 May 2014 Cairo presentation  {ENSTN} Safaa

14-  5 th Assiut annual conference pediatrics department ,Assiut ,25 to 27 September 2014  {    Egyptian Neonatal Safety Standards}

15-Zagazig   workshop on  April 2015  present  Egyptian Neonatal Safety Training Network   ENSTN

16-Our dream project-save child –make the future  second conference  ;reduction of neonatal-perinatal mortality 3/9/2015 {Egyptian neonatal patient safety standard }

17- The  5th  annual conference of Pediatrics  , 15-16 October  in Alexandria conference of  Damietta  medical school  2014.Presenting {ENSTN standard }


18-International Neonatal workshop under the title of Safe Ventilation in Neonates on 30 September and Hands on 17 October 2015 , safaa{Ventilator induced lung injury} and Mariam { Complication of ventilation) Ehab Physiologic Principles ,  lung protective approaches/strategies in neonatal respiratory support Professor Dr Tuuli, Tartu University and Unique features of human milk. Importance of early feeding of the newborn Professor Dr Heili Varendi ,Tartu University

19-Presentation in The fourth Neonatology conference (GOTHI) , perinatal –neonatal update ,where we stand  28/10/2015 organized by general organization of teaching hospital institutes . Present {where we stand from safe care of newborn infants ? }

20-Damietta 8 th annual conference , -5-6/11/2015  {Memory Memory Memory } safaa (memory as cause of medical errors )


21-International perinatology symposium, 24-26 February 2016 , presentation during chair one of the sessions. Announcement and dissemination

22-First conference of the child health department  , National research institute conference 16/March 2016 {inflammatory mediator in neonatal sepsis} Safaa

20- The third international conference of  Egypt   31/March to 2 /4/2016  during  chairing one of its session . Announcement and dissemination

23-14 th annual conference of society Egyptian centre of medical science /Egyptian society for save child and mother life,  underpatronage of Ministry of health of Egypt

Safe childhood conference 6-7 April 2016 , brief presentation during chair of one of the sessions . Announcement and dissemination

24-Geneva health forum 19-21 April 2016   Patient safety in health system with limited resources.Presentation {changing ptient safety culture }invited guest speaker














25-the 9th annual conference of Paediatrics FMG in collaboration with ENSTN and our dream project April /21/2016

26-Egyptian Pediatric Association In Collaboration With Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt – (CCHE /18-21 May 2016 {Memory Memory Memory } and its relation to medical errors

27- Neonatal Resuscitation workshop organized by Egyptian association of Paediatrics. 30/31 July 2016  dissemination during the first day of the workshop by Prof Mariam and Safaa Announcement and dissemination

28-   the  7th annual conference of recent advances in pediatrics Al-Azhar University – Faculty of Medicine (Assiut) in collaboration with AL- AZHAR PEDIATRIC SOCIETY 3rd – 6th August, 2016 { neonatal gut problems. are we aware of it at all} to light spots on errors as cause of GIT problems

29-The six annual conference of ALglaa Maternity teaching hospital ;new horizon in maternal and child health 28,29/9/2016 .present  { NICU Gastrointestinal  Incidence  A Model to Learn Safe Care}

30–The 7th Port Saeed Neonatology conference  , 20- 22 October 2016   2 lectures one by Safaa {GIT problem are we aware  of all of them } it dealt with all unsafe  problems  and one by  prof EL Kalioby {Patient safety in NICU }


31-Attend and present  in the 17th annual conference of paediatrics department, Faculty of Medicine Tanta University ,2-4 February 2017 { Neonatal Safety Training Network from Safety Standards to Launching the Guidelines}

32-Port Saeed University conference

Talk   on 2/2/2017 in 17th Annual conference of Pediatrics  department.(neonatal safety project)

33–Safe childhood program 15th annual conference 22-23 February 2017 under patronage of Ministry of health of Egypt Neonatal Safety and ENSTN by Prof Mariam Abu Shady {neonatal safety and NICU}

34-Scientific Research and Innovation Conference ,7/March 2017 in Mansoura  by Reda Bassiouny. Announcement and dissemination

35-Second annual conference of Faculty of Medicine Assiut 12, 13 April 2017 {Introduction to Neonatal Patient Safety and ENSTN} lecture in the monthly meeting of the Egyptian association of paediatrics first Saturday of May 2017

36-Faculty of Medicine Assiut branch 12-13 April 2017; 2 presentations by prof Mariam {patient safety in Context of NACU} ,prof Safaa {coping skills and diving in souls for safe development }

37-18th annual conference of paediatrics department Cairo University and 18th annual conference of the Egyptian Association of Neonatology 13-14 April 2017 announcement by Zagazig partners during chairing one session. Announcement and dissemination

38—Presentation in Monthly scientific day , Egyptian Association of Paediatrics 7/May /2017  Introduction to Neonatal Patient Safety and ENSTN

39-  19 annual conference of FM for boys, May 11/2017  Incident Reporting System as Indicator for Safe Care in NICU: Egyptian Neonatal Safety Training Network Experience .Safaa


40-6 the Nile basin international conference  20-21- June 2018.present Egyptian Neonatal Safety Training Network; A platform for Quality Improvement of health Care in NICU, Safaa ELMeneza, Faculty of Medicine for Girls, AL- Azhar University


XXVI European Congress of Perinatal Medicine , 5th to the 8th of September 2018 , St.Petersburg  ,Russia


The fifth ENSTN and second SENSTN conference 24/April /2019

The Paediatrics conference of FMG-AL-Azhar University September 2019

The 10th Port Saeed  Neonatology Conference October 2019